Implementation Services

Implementation is the most important part of deploying a new information system and Dynamic Design have a proven method for migrating data from existing sources to our solution

There are many challenges that face a company investing in the deployment of a new information system. The most important of these is that the end system has the most accurate and comprehensive data set possible migrated from existing sources into the new system.

Dynamic Design are proven experts in this field especially when it comes to implementing our products. Our implementation services start with a complete design of what will be delivered during the project including reporting, workflow and data migration plans.

For us, it is about ensuring the end customer is properly involved with the implementation so that once deployed they do not rely on us to continue administrating and maintaining the solution post delivery which can become an expensive bi-product of a system implementation.

We have a number of Project Managers and technical consultants which will ensure your implementation sticks to the defined budget, meets the specifications of your technologies and is delivered on time.

Training Services

Everything from general to customised training for your business

After investing in an inventory management solution a business needs to ensure your design, construction and operation teams understand how the system works in relation to how your deploy and operate your network. Dynamic Design offer a number of training courses from general understanding of the solution to detailed workflow that related to specific roles within the deployment to operations process.

Our training material is customised to each specific role and implementation using examples of your network and equipment in the exercises. Our qualified trainers are patient and professional and ensure that each user is properly trained in the areas of the solution they will use on a day to day basis.

Professional Services

Our consultants are always at your disposal

After implementation of the solution there are often new ideas, technologies and scope for which a business wishes to utilise our tool for. At any time post implementation our professional service

consultants are available to discuss how to implement these new ideas and offer services to ensure the expansion of the tool is as successful as the original implementation.

Specialised Development Services

Looking for new features? Just ask us!

We believe our solution has a complete set of features and functionality for deployment and operations of telecommunications networks, however sometimes there are unique features that a customer is looking to add to our solution. We pride ourselves on meeting the needs of our customers and are always looking for new features and enhancements to improve our solution. When a customer asks us to solve a new challenge or add a new feature we first investigate how this feature can relate to other customers.

If we can find parallels requirements with other customers we look to subsidize your development with the input from the other customers, producing something flexible and usable for the masses not just one customer. If the development is specific to you then we make sure that it remains in the same development line as the rest of the product to reduce any risk of migration and development issues rising in future releases.