High Level Description

Make your FTTx Network faster!

Due to the ever increasing expansion of broad band networks and the resulting set up of FTTx infrastructures, network providers are increasingly faced with additional reasons to adopt a modern and powerful planning, management and documentation system.

ConnectMaster® FTTx Rapid Network Planner was developed based on these new requirements and automates the entire process, from rough planning to the preparation of construction documents and work orders, including detailed specifications of costs for individual building projects.

The combined GIS and intuitive user interface optimises the customer’s workflow, wherein all relevant network objects (ducts, micro-ducts, splice-enclosures, cables, fibres, etc.) are taken into account.

Flexible area of application

Supporting all common FTTx technologies

With ConnectMaster® FTTx Rapid Network Planner it is possible to plan the entire infrastructure, from backbone to building connection for all possible variants of an FTTx network. At the same time, the software supports both P2P and PON technologies.

Additionally, comprehensive functions are offered to manage all types and structures of ducts and duct subsystems, including micro-ducts and man-holes.

The integrated cable and fibre management system automatically generates all end-to-end fibre connections and interconnections within the relevant ducts and sub-ducts.

In the process, splice enclosures and cassettes and the connectivity of the cables at the junctions will be considered and automatically created within the system.

Engineering support

The Rapid Network Planner is another engineer in planning teams

ConnectMaster® FTTx Rapid Network Planner offers comprehensive engineering support. Thus the necessary infrastructure components (pipes, shafts, cables, sleeves, etc.) are automatically dimensioned and/or selected based on user-defined criteria and dependencies. The user only needs to select the route and the required customer and/or building connections on the GIS user interface.

The entire FTTx infrastructure of the selected region is subsequently created automatically in the system. In the process, ConnectMaster® FTTx Rapid Network Planner can automatically model the FTTx infrastructure for an area of several thousand customers within only a few minutes, which makes it possible to realise massive time savings as compared to traditional methods.

Evaluations and reporting

Why manually create schematics and documents when we can do it for you?

Based on the FTTx infrastructure generated in one region, the associated reports and documents are generated at the push of a button. This includes work orders for the installers like building instructions and splice plans as well as material and parts lists including cost specifications. Besides these basic reports, the software also offers comprehensive functionalities to evaluate the degree of utilisation of routes, cables or available splice capacity of joints as well as free / used cabinet slots. The reports can be independently expanded thanks to integrated filter and report components.

Integrated GIS standard

Geographical user interface with high quality plan outputs

A major component of ConnectMaster® FTTX Rapid Network Planner is the integrated Geographic Information System MapInfo® from Pitney Bowes Software. Through the integration of this worldwide leading Location Intelligence solution, all major GIS functionalities necessary for comprehensive FTTx network planning are available within one tool.

Because MapInfo® also supports all common international GIS standards, the data exchange of GIS plans and information from inventory data systems can be realised easily.

Network operations

Its not just about design, you need to operate the network once its built

ConnectMaster® FTTx Rapid Network Planner also offers many advantages to the user in running network operation. Thus the software can also illustrate the logical level with all active devices and technical transmission structures. This makes it possible to manage existing services and their relationship to the physical infrastructure integrated into one system.

Within the context of troubleshooting, the system can identify immediately which services and customer connections run on which end-to-end fibre connection. Thus the software also supports major requirements in the sphere of fault management and offers functionality that includes:

Impact Analysis
• Determines which services and/or customer connections are disrupted when a specific cable or network element fails

Fault Localisation
• “Fault on Map” function for the calculation and display of the fibre breaking point on the GIS map based on OTDR measurement


Enjoy improved efficiency and accuracy with the FTTx Rapid Network Planner

Due to the high degree of automation of the FTTx planning tasks, ConnectMaster® FTTx Rapid Network Planner enables massive time savings as early as the planning stage, which ensures that investments in the software are amortised within a short time. More than 150 customers worldwide rely on the practical and future orientated ConnectMaster® solution.